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Ohmygolf needs you!


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What is ohmygolf ?
Ohmygolf is a website and a PocketPC application that will help you to save your scorecards to compute statistics, track evolution, spot the weakness in your golf game and share everything with your friends.
The PocketPC software can be used on the course, while playing, to write down your score. It can compute things like stableford score, handicap modification, received strokes for each hole, etc. Using this software, you can send your scorecards directly from your PocketPC to the website and download course easily.
If you don't own a PocketPC, Ohmygolf can still be useful as you can manually enter your scorecard directly on the website.
Since OhmyGolf is web browser based, it's compatible with Windows, Linux, Macintosh or whathever you are using.
Ohmygolf is totally free so why not try it now ?

Take a look at my profile!
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Hey GPS people, I need you!, posted April 20, 2007, 10:03:18 pm by math2k
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Hi folks!

I'm currently developing the distance calculation feature using GPS for the Ohmygolf software.

I'm looking for a few people with a GPS enabled device (internal or bluetooth) who could spend some of their free time to try the beta version and give me some feedback.

If you're interested, leave a comment in this post and I'll contact you Smiley


Update: Since GPS developement needs a lot more work before being usable, no more testers are required, thanks!

No new version, but some website improvements.., posted December 27, 2006, 01:28:51 am by math2k
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Hi !

I worked on the website tonight.. I have added a new statistic: Hole evolution.

When viewing a scorecard, for each hole there is a link to view your evolution on this particular hole.


It still needs some more work for easier hole browsing. Will do that later Smiley

Ohmygolf.net wishes you an Happy New Year! (in advance..) Cheesy

New version, posted September 29, 2006, 09:58:06 pm by math2k
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Hi Cheesy

Ohmygolf 1.3.4 has been released.

I've added support for square screens, only for the main scoring screen for the moment.

Since I don't own such device, please send me feedback, bug reports or suggestions.

  • Summary screen at end of round
  • Square screen support (Needs to be enabled in preferences menu)

Bug fixes:
  • Couldn't see front 9 when viewing scorecard while playing
  • Tab order was wrong (Scoring screen)
  • Rounding error in strokes received calculator
  • The icon was missing!

Tadaaaaaaa !, posted July 28, 2006, 12:54:38 am by math2k
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Update: It looks like the web hosting company is having some difficulties. The webserver or the xml server might not be online 24/7 so if you have problem connecting, try again later.
Sorry for the trouble.

Everything works fine now Smiley

Ohmygolf 1.3.3 is ready!

You can download it here.


Bug fixes:
  • Player score not reset after a round
  • When not starting from the first hole, "Next hole" button on the 18th hole was not working
  • Inverted IN and OUT on scorecard view
  • Handicap calculator was wrong when using an handicap >36 and <37 .. (36.1->36.9)
  • Could not close notification under WM5

  • Playing only 9 holes is now possible(through the Advanced save menu)
  • Round notes browser available while playing.

New software version!, posted July 05, 2006, 12:30:40 pm by math2k
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The new version (1.3.2) of ohmygolf is ready!

Download it here.


Bug fixes:
- Crash when using a negative number of received strokes (<= 0 hcp);
- Course filter fixed;

- Added a 5 second timer on fatal error;
- Added a received strokes calculator;
- Added IN and OUT totals when viewing a scorecard;;
- Added help buttons;
- Added contact info when viewing course details;
- Added support for handicaps > 36;
- Added a version checker;

Don't hesitate to request features using the forum

I recently made some changes and additions to the website.

If you want to see what ohmygolf can do, you can check my profile

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