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Manual / Screenshots

Please note: Those screenshot are from the first version of the software.


- Enter hits and putts while playing for 1, 2, 3 or 4 players;
- Compute your received strokes for each hole;
- View par, distance, stroke index for each tee;
- Two games mode: stableford and strokeplay;
- Download courses directly from your PocketPC;
- Upload your scorecard to ohmygolf.net directly from your PocketPC;
- Take notes while playing;
- Big buttons so you don't have to pull out your stylus;
- Handicap calculator;
- Update your handicap at the end of an official round;

Startup screen

Players screen

Add player

Ready to start

Ready to tee off

Scoring screen

Jump to hole

Viewing hole infos

Taking notes

Updating handicaps

Course list

Course list context menu

Course view details

Course view details

Download new courses

Course list downloaded

Course downloading list

Course download filter

Scorecard context menu

Scorecard context menu

Course list context menu

Scorecard view

View scorecard - Players

View scorecard - Holes


Handicap calculator

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