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Version 1.3.4 (29/09/06):

Bug fixes:
- Couldn't see front 9 when viewing scorecard while playing
- Tab order was wrong (Scoring screen)
- Rounding error in strokes received calculator
- The icon was missing!

- Square screen support (Needs to be enabled in preferences menu)
- Summary screen at end of round

Version 1.3.3 (28/08/06):

Bug fixes:
- Player score not reset after a round
- When not starting from the first hole, "Next hole" button on the 18th hole was not working
-Inverted IN and OUT on scorecard view
- Handicap calculator was wrong when using an handicap >36 and <37 .. (36.1->36.9)
-Could not close notification under WM5

- Playing only 9 holes is now possible(through the Advanced save menu)
- Added a round notes browser

Version 1.3.2 (05/07/06):

Bug fixes:
- Crash when using a negative number of received strokes (<= 0 hcp)
- Course filter fixed

- Added a 5 second timer on fatal error
- Added a received strokes calculator
- Added IN and OUT totals when viewing a scorecard
- Added help buttons
- Added contact info when viewing course details
- Added support for handicaps > 36

Version 1.3.1 (03/05/06):

Bug fixes:
- Crash when trying to download a course using filter or after hitting refresh button.

- Added a country filter when downloading new courses.

Version 1.3 (17/04/06):

Bug fixes:
- Hole informations not closing on Windows Mobile 5.0 fixed (thanks to calvinm);
- Size of handicap textbox fixed (thanks to calvinm);
- Asking to change handicap when not in an official round fixed;

- Strokes received saved to file.

Version 1.2 (30/03/06):

Bug fixes:
- Strokeplay gross score fixed;

- Better measurement unit management;
- Better error logging;

Version 1.1 (18/03/06):

Bug fixes:
- Handicap calculator fixed;

Version 1.0 (13/03/06):

First release.
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