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  • Q: When I try to run ohmygolf on my device I am getting an error message that says that I need a newer .NET Compact Framework version.  How do I go about finding that and then installing ?

    A: You need the latest .NET Compact Framework 2.0 which is available here from microsoft.com:

  • Q: My device cannot connect to the internet. How can I download courses and upload scorecard ?

    A: - To download a course, save the file to your computer using the download link and copy it to your '/My Documents/ohmygolf/Courses' folder on your device. (using Activesync or any other transfer method)
    - To upload a scorecard, transfer the file from your '/My Documents/ohmygolf/Scorecards' and upload it using the form on the 'My home' page.

  • Q:Is there a way to lock the keypad/buttons/screen when I'm playing to avoid erroneous input ?

    A: To save battery and avoid erroneous input, you can switch off your device while playing.
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